Catholic or Protestant: Who ya with?!


They were playing no games! Cutting off hands and lips because they aren’t catholic?! That’s pretty intense! That being said, how is this protestant minister going to roll up to the castle and make massive threats? I mean, I know they are persecuting your people, but you don’t threaten Mary! Threatening Frances…i’ll let that one slide, but never Mary! And then to top off his treachery, he’s leading Bash and Conde on wild goose chases. I would torture him to the brink of death since they can’t kill him on account of they need him, and his death would cause a war. How about they bring him to the town square and let his congregation know what a monster he is.

Lola and Narcisse. I’m over them both. He found her out days ago. Why is she still alive…ughhhh. Claude and Narcisse. I do not want them together. Even though I’m not sure if I like her (even though she’s a murderer), I don’t think she deserves him. He’s better suited for Lola.

Frances, how many times do I have to tell you to let Mary handle all of the problems. You are a little girl! You should have let Mary go to the protestants and smooth things over like she suggested from jump! But nooooo, poor little girly man didn’t want to look weak. Well guess what? YOU ARE! Fast forward 20mins to him in the torture chamber all teary like, “I didn’t intend for any of this to happen”. REALLY? Cause I think you did. Every time you try to solve a problem solo dolo, you actually make it worse. Literally every time. Ok, maybe not eveerrryyy, but 9/10. So I have no sympathy for you and your solo remedies. I love Mary even more (if that’s possible) for calling Frances out on his failure in diffusing the situation between the two religions. Long may she reign.

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