I’m sorry, whose magic are you going to drain?


Kye, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself! How could you even fix your homicidal mouth to threaten Bonnie? Good on you Damon for checking him straight away. If ANYONE is going to die, it will be you! I was so outraged and shocked by his threats, that I temporarily zoned out. Refresh my memory if you will. Why can’t they kill him and take his golden get out of hell free card? Is he the only one who knows how to use it? Better be, because that’s the only logical reason for him to still be alive! When Damon pinned him against the wall in defense of Bonnie, he should have snapped his stupid little neck. So i’m guessing they will be on their way back to the living by next episode?

I was pleasantly surprised by the usually awful Elena. I’m so glad she didn’t continue the Damon/Elena saga when presented with the opportunity. Is it because she finally realized that she is even more unbearable of a character when she’s in a relationship as opposed to when she’s single? Has she finally taken everyone and their feelings into consideration? Probably not. Whatever her reasoning behind her decision is, i’m thankful.

Is Zack Salvatore going to accept of reject his long lost daughter? When Damon makes it back and finds out who this girl really is, he will really be living in his own hell. I can’t wait for next week’s episode.

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