All hail the King and Queen of France


Finally Mary and Frances are officially the King and Queen of France. Actually, I’m only really happy Mary is finally Queen. Frances could have stayed a prince until the end of time for all I cared. He needs to sort out his new title fast. Mary is always one step ahead of him. She should rule France as king, and Frances should rule as queen. He takes the scenic route when it comes to solving problems, while Mary takes the interstate. How dare you reprimand our queen for solving your problem in a timely manner. She even offered to let you take credit for the whole deal, but no, that wasn’t good enough for you. Well you know what Frances? Next time come up with a more efficient plan FIRST, you pansy!

How about Catherine and Narcisse? She’s too underhanded for me. Sit back and let your queen handle business her way. Only if she needs advice on the art of treachery, you should speak. Other than that…SILENCIO!

Poor Kenna. You should know by now that you can’t trust any noble, or anyone at french court. I understand you want a house again, you deserve it, but cool your heels kid. I really wish she wouldn’t have confronted that lady though. I feel as though the husband will take Bash out, and the wife Kenna. Surely Bash will survive but Kenna will not. I hope that doesn’t happen but I feel like with the evidence against this guy mounting, a battle will soon follow and there will be collateral damage…Kenna, tell Mary what is going on so she can put an end to this before it comes to a head.

Mary is finally pregnant! I’m overjoyed. I bet this will be a very complicated pregnancy though. I hope she and the baby survive. Catherine better not intervene either based on Nostradamus’ old vision that Francis will die once he and Mary have children. So Catherine, if you even THINK about sabotaging Mary’s pregnancy…I will be waiting for you in your chambers!

And last but not least, as for Mary, Long may she reign.

P.s If my prediction about Kenna comes true, I’d like to be called Nostradamus from here on out :p


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