Davina: Opener of Pandora’s Box


The shit has finally hit the fan, what was done in the dark has come to light…In other words, Davina, you have fucked up. I told you this would happen, D. You think you can just conjure up the most feared vampire slayer in all the land without there being any kind of repercussions? NO MAM! Girl, you better melt that bracelet down and drink it, because if it gets away from you one more time, you might wake up DEAD!

I hope Hayley can pull herself out of this downward spiral. I don’t want her to become as heartless as Klaus. Glad he is showing a little bit of concern and helping her deal…the best way that he can. We have to crawl with Klaus before we can walk. Will Hayley once again become the darling of her pack. Isn’t she their leader by blood, anyway?

How about the return of Esther in the form of 16yr old Cassie? The most powerful witch and the most powerful slayer all back from the dead, in NOLA, with the same agenda..to destroy their children. This is certainly shaping up to be a great foundation for an out of sight battle. I’m on the kids’ side, duh.

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