Who is Damon Salvatore?


“He’s my boyfriend and I love him, but he died…” Jesus Christ I thought this fool would never get those memories erased! If I had to her that one more time, I’m sure my life would become that episode of Dexter’s Laboratory when he fell asleep with the french tape and when he awoke all he could say for the rest of the day was “Omelet du fromage” no matter the question. Now that Elena doesn’t remember she loves Damon, will she focus her attention back on Stefan? God forbid! I can’t stand those two when they’re apart, let alone together! Anyway, it’s Caroline’s turn. I hope she just makes a move already. Although she is in clear violation Article 3, section 5 of the girl code, which states, “Ex’s of friends are romantically off limits. As well as a friendship depending on the circumstances.” Elena sucks anyway and she isn’t protected by the code, so GO FOR IT CAROLINE!

Glad we got to see Bonnie this episode. Surely she will regain her powers in the coming episodes bring herself and Damon back to life. Of course she will have no help from anyone because she rarely does. There should have been a statue of Bonnie erected seasons ago in Mystic falls for all she’s done and sacrificed for these ingrates. Now that she’s dead, for the second time and one still isn’t up baffles me!

Is Enzo falling for Caroline? Or did he just want to get back at Stefan in an awful way by killing his lady love?

I knew Shady boots Mcghee (Matt’s fellow neighborhood watch guy) wasn’t on the up and up. He wanted to know too much about that girl and her attack. Point proven when he was driving his kidnapper/rapist/torture van of horrors down the road full of vampires that he incinerated. What a head case.

That being said, I don’t trust the girl Elena almost murdered either…at least not yet.

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