She will be their downfall


And by she I mean Michaela. She is really buggin over this murder! She needs to get her shit together quick, fast, and in a hurry! You’re not in this alone! You have 4 other co-conspirators to share in your terror. Losing her engagement ring was the last straw for me. Once the cat is out the bag about the murder, and the police start to search the woods, find the ring, discover it probably has insurance and trace it back to Aiden, which connects her…it’s going to do downhill for the group faster than it already is. Personally, I would have throat punched her and smacked her in the head with murder weapon trophy upon the discovery of the missing ring. One more loose end tied up…and burned with the original body. I know that might seem drastic, but I wouldn’t trust letting her go in hopes that she won’t talk. She looks like the type whose conscience is so sensitive that she would sing like a canary if a strange looks at her too long with what she will interpret to be accusatory eyes even though they’ve never met.

Rebecca is a stone cold fool. What is her deal? Can’t wait until they spend more time developing her character and storyline next episode. I needs answers.

How about Nate lying to Annaliese about the whereabouts of her soon to be creepy husband? Is he doing this because he knows she will not be able to handle the truth, or is he doing this to get back at her for destroying him on the stand with that underhanded sneak attack she hit him with previously? That would be some hardcore revenge on his part. Not only will she find out her husband may have had something to do with it at the most inopportune time, perhaps midway through her trial. which would surely throw her off her game, or even worst, after she has already convicted a semi innocent person of his crimes. He could go unpunished because they are already prosecuting two for the crime. If that does happen, maybe he did get his punishment after all in the form of death. By the hands off his wife. Hmmmmmmm

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