Mary, Queen of rationale


Do we trust Frances’ “cousin” yet? I don’t think I do. If he is trustworthy, and leaves on his ship soon like he says he will, then his character feels unnecessary to me. Why keep him for another episode. I understand he helped them get back to the castle safely. That was important, but they should have bid him adieu at the gates. Were the seas too rough to set sail? Is there a storm a’brewin? I mean weather wise, not the one inside the castle walls.

I knew Mary was going to save Nostradamus. After all, it was her fault he was there in the first place and she has too big of a heart to leave him hanging. She’s a fast in depth thinker. That might be the difference between her reign and Catherine’s. Catherine is also, but on another level. She might think hard on something, but most of the time her decision involves backstabbing or damning someone else to get the outcome she wants. Mary seems to consider all the possibilities and picks the plan that has the least amount of casualties for both sides. She may very well become wicked sooner or later, but i’m confident it won’t be anytime soon. Yes she may do some underhanded things, but until she stops feeling remorseful about them, then she will still be a nicer queen then Catherine. Maybe you’re thinking Queens shouldn’t and/or can’t be nice. Maybe. Only time will tell.

Sooo, i’m assuming Bash doesn’t have the black death even though he was touched like twice by an infected? Well at least I don’t have to prepare myself for his death as well as Kenna’s since, you know he hugged her without letting her know he might have just contracted THE BLACK DEATH moments before. I still don’t forgive him for that

Mary is so nice. Doing the right thing by Frances and his baby and Lola. Lola, you don’t deserve such a friend. Long may she reign.

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