Mary, Queen of Scots and France


So Reign is back and they are playing no games! So many deaths this episode. Mostly a bunch of nobodies, but still! Ok, so this whole black death situation has me on edge. Nobody is safe! First Pascal, and now possibly Kenna? Can she catch a break? I mean, Damn! She wasn’t infected but they locked her in there with the dead and poor Pascal. Bash was cold as ice though when he came to rescue her though. Scooped her up in a loving embrace knowing good and well he was touched by an infected and he very well may be infected! I guess Bash was like we are going down together.

Let’s talk about this new Mary. I’m loving it! Not gonna lie though, when she checked Katherine, I thought the next scene was gonna be here checking into the castle’s infirmary. Katherine is getting soft. Oh, and when she hopped up off that throne and checked grain boy, no lie, I literally jumped damn near out my skin, she startled me so! I feel bad for her though because she might become even more ruthless than Katherine when that’s not who she is or wants to be.

How about Frances and HOEla. I guess I’m glad Frances went and got them. You know, bring them out of the infected woods. I wish he would have let her and the baby leave though. How weird is it going to be between Mary and Lola now.  Someone is bound to find out this mega secret. It’s going to be a shit storm WHEN it gets out. Nothing Mary can’t handle though. LONG MAY SHE REIGN

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