Bye, Elena!


Vampire Diaries has finally returned! Such a bitter sweet moment. Bitter because I absolutely loathe Elena, yet sweet because I love the show. The relationship Elena and I have is a very intense love/hate. I literally wish for her death EVERY episode, yet when she’s in a situation where she very well could die, I’m over here hyperventilating on my couch, on the verge of tears. It’s crazy, I know. She just causes soooo much heartache for everyone else yet somehow she’s always the victim. Everyone on the show would/have DIE for her and she gives no fucks! What a spoiled bitch!

Only other thing I have to say about this episode is how come Bonnie gots no love until the end of the show? Ummmm hellooo, Bonnie died too, why couldn’t she get at least 15mins of remembrance time? Without Bonnie, this show would have ended after season 2 or 3. SHE is the reason all of them are alive up until this point. I mean, sure they have died along the way, but it’s BONNIE who sacrifices the most to make sure her band of fools are safe at the end of the day. I appreciate you Bonnie Bennet.

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