Bombs over Rosewood


I guess you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as Ally proved last night when she went from 0 to Chris brown in 0.5 seconds. It’s not all her fault, crazy Mona did provoke her but DAMN! I can understand slapping her back but the verbal threats that accompanied it…Ally hasn’t changed one bit! I’ve been on the fence about her ever since she came back anyway. I don’t trust her, but I want to, and then she goes and does stuff like this. Why lie Allison?! She might be even more manipulative than Mona, if that’s even possible.

Emily and Ally, Ally and Emily…I hate the sound of it. Not just because I loathe Emily, but because she is like putty in Ally’s hand which in due time will get ALL of the others caught up. Wherever Emily is, trouble is not far behind. She would back stab all of them for Ally, and Ally knows this. I’m so over both of them

Poor Spence, having to deal with her possible murderous father and evil sister. That being said, mama Hastings better slow her roll on this divorce situation. She can’t take Spencer out of Rosewood! I won’t allow it. Without Spencer around, the others will surely be dead in 2 weeks time! She needs to be there to take care of her band of fools (aka, the other liars). Toby can go though. He can pack up his pickup, grab Caleb and drive until the truck explodes for all I care,

How about Trouty mouth. Shady Biatch! Good on Jenna though for planting her on the swim team to go after Emily. If I were after Ally, I would go for Emily each time because she’s such a foolish girl. Just wait until Jenna finds out that Aria killed Shauna. Speaking of Jenna, is she blind again? You know we can never trust her.

Did anyone else think that explosion was a massive car wreck caused by a meteor? It looked like Armageddon in those streets! “A” is getting maybe just a tiny bit out of control! IT BLEW UP A HOUSE AND ALL THE CARS LINING THE STREET! WHO IS THIS AND WHAT DID THE GIRLS DO TO THIS GUY/GIRL?! These are the questions I need answered sooner than later.

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